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BackBar 3 Glass Sliding Door Fridge

Model ID: BB.3.GSL

  • GEMS Compliant
  • Available

BackBar 3 Glass Sliding Door Fridge

Model ID: BB.3.GSL

Quiet, high efficiency premium three glass sliding door bar fridge featuring dimmable LED lights, lockable doors, and eco-friendly natural refrigerant technology.

Features & Benefits
  • Maximise storage and display – height allows for 2 rows of standard 750ml wine or Riesling bottles, three rows of 355ml beer bottles, three rows of 600ml PET bottles, or six rows of standard beer cans per door
  • Market-leading dimmable LED full height strip lighting
  • Quieter running with built-in hush mode
  • Unrivalled energy efficiency – up to 63% reduction in energy consumption, saving up to $750 a year on your power bill
  • Truly green natural refrigeration technology
  • Self-closing swing doors with built in locking tabs on every door
  • Fully front-breathing interchangeable modular cartridge for quicker, safer servicing
  • NB: A benchtop is not included with this model. The pictured product includes an optional benchtop, which can be priced and supplied separately
  • Best suited to: Restaurants / Cafes, Clubs / Pubs / Bars, Quick Service Restaurants
  • Dimensions: 2045 W x 590 D x 1028 (with castors - adjustable from 1015 to 1035) or 920 (with plinth mount) H (mm)
  • Doors: 3
  • Door Type: Glass - Sliding
  • Shelves: Six adjustable height, powder-coated wire shelves 4 x outer shelf (497W x 440L), 2 x inner shelf (555W x 440L)
  • Material: Powdercoat galvanised steel or stainless steel
  • Gross Volume (Litres): 635
  • Total Floor Area (m2): 1.2
  • Weight (kg): 220
  • Refrigeration Unit: Self-Contained
  • Temperature Range: 1°C to 4°C (adjustable with SKOPE-connect 0°C to 15°C)
  • Max Ambient Temperature: 40°C
  • Refrigerant: R290 / 81g
  • GEMS Class: 3M1
  • GEMS Energy Consumption (kWh/24h): 2.81
  • GEMS Annual Running Costs: $307.70 (@$0.30/kWh)
  • kW: 0.65
  • Current Draw (Amps): 2.6
  • Noise Measurement (dB): ​​Standard <66 Hush Mode (via SKOPE-connect) <62​
  • Interior Lighting: Single dimmable, cool white (5500-6500K) LED strip on cabinet ceiling
  • Controller: SCS Connect (SKOPE-connect™ compatible)
  • Refrigeration System: Removable cartridge
  • Power Cord: 1.9m power cord with 3-pin, 10 amp plug
  • Power Supply: 220-240 volts a.c., 50Hz, single phase supply
  • Black exterior/black interior finish
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • White exterior/white interior finish
  • Designer Door Options
  • Extra Shelf & Clips (per level)
  • Flat S/S Benchtop
  • Plinth Mounting
  • Punched S/S Shelves (per cabinet)
  • Right Hand Services
  • Solid Doors
  • Tropical Heated Glass
Pricing and Availability

Description Part No. Stock External Finish Internal Finish Refrigeration Unit Stainless Steel Worktop Frosted Decal Doors Mounting Stainless Steel Punched Shelf Shelf Layers Wine Racks
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