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Custom Snow Cave, Whet Drinking Room

Customised Solutions

We Customise to Suit any Need

We offer custom made fridges and freezers for any food, space or location. Our specialised Custom Refrigeration Team love a good challenge.

When Do You Need Custom Made Fridges?

There are three main reasons businesses ask for custom fridge design


1. Your location is unusual

We make custom made fridges for any tricky location, including:

  • Ships & trains
  • Boardrooms & reception areas
  • Laboratories
  • Mounting on a wall
  • Limited space - specific size fridge is required
Custom Wall Mounted Bar Display Fridge, Stop Valve Espresso & Bar, Sydney
Custom Wall Mounted Bar Display Fridge, Stop Valve Espresso & Bar, Sydney

2. Your products need special conditions

Products that many require custom refrigeration include:

  • Wines & cheeses
  • Meat & Fish
  • Aged meat - store & display
  • Specialist ice creams
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Flowers
  • Inside a cool room
Custom Aged Meat Display Fridge, Cashmere Cuisine, Christchurch
Custom Aged Meat Display Fridge, Cashmere Cuisine, Christchurch

3. You want special features & finishes

We work with architects and interior designers to build custom commercial refrigeration solutions for designer interiors:

  • Designer doors, drawers, handles & locks
  • Designer shelving & racks
  • Colours & finishes
  • Glass display style
  • Ice rail, plates & caves
  • Keg compatible
  • Gantries
  • Movable refrigeration
  • Non-standard benchtops
  • Roll-ins
  • Bakery trays
  • Wine racks
Custom Snow Rail, Whet Drinking Room, Christchurch
Custom Snow Rail, Whet Drinking Room, Christchurch

Custom Snow Rail and Snow Cave at Whet Drinking Room

Popular Custom Fridge Upgrades

A more affordable option to a full custom fridge design are our popular custom upgrades:

  • Change the size, shape or look of your fridge or freezer to suit your decor
  • Use a pass thru design for easy loading or dual sided merchandising
  • Enhanced lighting options to make your product really pop
  • Try a barn door style for a modern look
  • Use a hush kit for quieter operation
  • Add remote, glycol, internal evaporators and split integral designs to suit your application
Custom Bar Display Fridge Lighting, The Carlton, Christchurch
Custom Bar Display Fridge Lighting, The Carlton, Christchurch

What Do we Need to Know?

The more we know about your challenges, the better fridge or freezer we can build you. When you brief us let us know about your environment, any ventilation issues, the products you plan to store, any any special features you want.



  • Ambient temperature
  • Air conditioned environment or not
  • Affected by indoor - outdoor flow
  • Marine or coastal
  • Low noise e.g. boardroom



  • Any potential issues
  • Abnormally hot environment
  • Humidity
  • Low ceiling



  • Product type being stored
  • Perishable
  • Desired shelf life
  • Storage, display or both
  • Product packaging
  • Temperature required

SKOPE for Inspiration

“Braising meat is very simple with an Irinox Blast Chiller, we just place a temperature probe in it and then leave it to cook. Because it cooks very gently we get up to 15% higher yield due to less moisture.”

Lil Huckle- Food Services Manager and Executive Chef, White Tie Catering

“Having used SKOPE in the past, I wanted to install SKOPE at Red Lantern due to the proven performance, quality and reliability.”

Luke Nguyen- Executive Chef, Red Lantern

“The team attitude of absolutely everyone we have dealt with at SKOPE in every department has been outstanding. ”

Jo-Ann Moss- Owner, Best Blooms

“I am passionate about creating unique and innovative products that allow people to enjoy a little taste of France in the form of pastries. The Irinox Bakery Day System fulfils all our bakery’s requirements and expectations.”

Dominique Colombie- Owner, Paneton Bakery

“The best thing about SKOPE is they care about their customer by caring about the product.”

Radeeshan Munasinghe- Owner, The Happening Bar and Kitchen

“The Irinox Bakery Day System has completely changed the taste of our products, it has changed the taste of the butter content, as it no longer has a chance to oxidise.”

Dominique Colombie- Owner, Paneton Bakery
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