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Short Term Rental Available in AU and NZ Now

Short Term Rental/Special Event Rental

When speed is of the essence and your requirements are just as fleeting, it really pays to choose equipment finance that works as fast as you do.

With our Short Term Rental/Special Events Rental you can get the ultra-reliable commercial refrigeration you need now without having to worry about any long-term commitments. It’s a turn-key solution that offers complete peace of mind. We even clean, tag and test every fridge before delivery to make sure nothing slows you down.

SKOPE Funding is currently only available in Australia and New Zealand.

Short Term Rental Cabinets Available

Model Dimensions (W x D x H mm) Best Suited To
Single Display Fridge 740 x 795 x 2195 Food and beverage display fridges for front of house use and special events
Double Display Fridge 1280 x 795 x 2195 Food and beverage display fridges for front of house use and special events
Open Deck (Medium) 1205 x 660 x 1300 Launching a new product to the market, trialing before purchase, impulse for convenience stores and special events
Open Deck (Large) 1285 x 830 x 2015 Impulse for convenience stores and supermarkets
Single Display Freezer 740 x 745 x 2200 Food and beverage display freezers for front of house use and special events
Double Display Freezer 1130 x 745 x 2210 Food and beverage display freezers for front of house use and special events
STR Image 780x520

Application Process


  • Customer gets a quote by completing this form
  • Customer applies online here
  • Customer signs the rental agreement and completes the delivery form
  • SKOPE will book in refrigeration to be run, tested, tagged, and delivered
  • SKOPE will send an invoice monthly
  • To book the return, email skopefunding@skope.com with your pick up details

Get a Quote for Short Term Rental Now

Benefits of Short Term Rental

  • Return at any time
  • Free up cash flow
  • Reduce storage costs
  • 100% tax deductible
  • Off balance sheet funding
  • Extend warranty protection
  • Flexible month to month terms (Short Term Rental)
  • Flexible week to week terms (Special Events Rental)
  • Turn-key solution
  • Modern equipment with the latest SKOPE technology - not a dated fleet
  • All refrigeration is cleaned, and tagged & tested prior to delivery
  • Try before you buy - convert to one of our ownership plans

Short Term Rental FAQs

Find all the answers you need to know, below.

What happens if the refrigeration breaks down?

You are fully covered under warranty during business hours. Please log a service job by emailing skope@skope.com with these details:

  • Contact name & mobile number
  • Business name
  • Model
  • Serial number
  • Description of problem
  • Details: Short Term Rental

You can find the model and serial number plate on the inside of your refrigeration.

What if something happens outside of business hours?

You can still log the service job as above. If the refrigeration is not usable we will offer you a refund for time out of action. However, our fleet is as new and has been checked prior to dispatch so you shouldn't experience service issues.

Can I put decals on the refrigeration?

Yes you can apply your own artwork decals to the refrigeration or for a fee we can install these for you at the warehouse. Please note, if you need these removed or if we need to deep clean residual from decals there will be additional fees.

Can I move the refrigeration?

Yes you can move the refrigeration however please confirm the pick up address with us.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, you will need insurance on the cabinets when on-site. We will cover insurance in transit as part of our premium delivery service.

Can you hold cabinets for me until I need them?

Yes, once you complete your application we can hold cabinets for you.

How long is the lead time?

Once you have completed your application form and signed your agreement and delivery form. We require 2 days for run, tag and test to be completed. Your cabinets can then be delivered. Metro areas can be within 24 hours, longer for regional areas.

If I change my mind can I cancel my order?

You can cancel at any time but associated costs at the time of cancellation may apply.

Where do you hold stock?

We have stock nationwide in both Australia and New Zealand.

What is the process?

  1. Get a quote and check stock availability for your dates
  2. Apply online in 10 minutes with a copy of your I.D and a utility bill showing your home address on it for ID verification
  3. Complete a delivery form
  4. We will book a run, tag, and test of your refrigeration
  5. Once this is complete we will book your delivery and advise you of your delivery ETA

How do I arrange the return?

Simply email skopefunding@skope.com confirming what date you want pick up and that your pick up details remain the same as your delivery form on file.

What costs are expected upfront?

There is nothing to pay upfront.

What will I end up paying?

We will invoice you after delivery for the rental and one-way freight amount. Rental is invoiced monthly. Upon return, we will invoice you for the return freight and one-off clean, tag, and test fee along with any other rental owing.

What if I'm renting monthly and I return it part way through the following month?

If the minimum term has been met we will only charge you up until the time you return the refrigeration.

What is the minimum term?

  • One week for special events
  • One month for short term rental

What do you have available to rent?

Glass display fridges and freezers (single and double doors) and open deck display merchandisers

Can I rent anything else that SKOPE sell?

We only rent short term, what we have available in our short term rental fleet.

However, we do have longer funding terms available (1-5 years) on all SKOPE refrigeration.

What delivery service do I get?

We offer premium delivery service which includes a run, tag and test of the refrigeration prior to dispatch. It also includes delivery onto site and positioning, as well as removal of packaging.

Apply for Short Term Rental Now

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Complete the form and our team will get a quote for Short Term Rental options back to you.

"A Pet food supplier required a display fridge for a 3 day expo. They displayed their pet food in the best possible light, literally! As they were also selling pet food at the expo it was important for the fridge to keep consistent temperature. Another expo, another happy customer."

Pet Food Supplier

"A restaurant was experiencing supply delays of their equipment which was going to delay their new opening. We supplied them three double door fridges which they were able to rent short term. This meant they could open their business on time and start making money. Even if further delays were experienced, they were covered."


"A wine shop wanted to offer deli food like: salami and cheese but didn’t want to buy fridges, in case it wasn’t a good return on investment. They started with renting one Open Deck display fridge which proved to be a hit. They then decided to rent at multiple locations. Knowing that they could simply return at any time if sales didn’t warrant it or move fridges to different locations gave them peace of mind."

Wine Shop

"During the New South Wales floods in Australia in 2021 a bottle shop lost everything. They were able to quickly access short term rental fridges to get back up and running whilst they waited for their insurance claim to be processed. Because most of the bottle shops were also damaged in the town, they were able to generate increased sales during this time."

Bottle Shop

Terms & Conditions:

SKOPE Funding is available in Australia and New Zealand only. Upon application, terms and conditions apply. Minimum terms and upfront coast may apply.