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Backbar X, Chu the Phat, Brisbane, Australia

SKOPE Careers

Leading the way in long-lasting careers

We are passionate about our employees and customers, and proud of the rich heritage of our family owned company.

We currently employ in excess of 300 people, with the majority of employees located in Christchurch, New Zealand, where our manufacturing plant and Head Office are based. SKOPE employees are hard working people, who have a passion for their work. When you start with SKOPE, not only do you become one of the team, you also become part of the SKOPE family.

We have been lucky to recruit many creative, innovative and diligent employees, and we hope to grow our team with like minded people. The choice is yours; manufacturing, design, sales, marketing, finance, logistics, information technology or customer service. Wherever you want to be with your career, we would like to help you achieve your goals.


All of our current vacancies are listed below.  For any general enquiries about recruitment please email  jobs@skope.co.nz

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SKOPE for Inspiration...

“We worked with SKOPE to install the Irinox system as it is one of the few products that will enable our client's business to grow without expense further down the track.”

Nils Danielsen- Managing Director, Wildfire Commercial Kitchens & Bars

“SKOPE looks great, it performs great and the service is fantastic as well.”

Philip Kraal- Owner, Whet Drinking Room

“SKOPE was easy to deal with and provided support all the way through from start to finish.”

Anthony Scauso- Director, Platinum Commercial Kitchens

“I have no doubt that the fit-out, food, drinks and staff will all combine to make every visit a memorable event”

Angus Telford- Front of House Manager, Chu the Phat

“I am passionate about creating unique and innovative products that allow people to enjoy a little taste of France in the form of pastries. The Irinox Bakery Day System fulfils all our bakery’s requirements and expectations.”

Dominique Colombie- Owner, Paneton Bakery

“The Irinox Bakery Day System has enabled us to increase our production to far greater levels, whilst maintaining the high quality of our products, at peak times of the year, such as Christmas.”

Dominique Colombie- Owner, Paneton Bakery

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