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SKOPE Genuine Spare Parts

Spare Parts Stockists

We recommend only SKOPE Genuine Spare Parts are used in SKOPE cabinets to ensure you continue to get the very best performance and reliability throughout the life of your SKOPE fridge or freezer. SKOPE spare parts are only available from our spares stockists in Australia and New Zealand. Our stockists hold a wide range of SKOPE genuine parts and are restocked by SKOPE warehouses throughout the region. Our major national stockists are listed below. Please contact the stockist with your product serial number. 

Serial Number:

To help with the ordering process, it essential that you have the serial number on hand before making contact. This is printed on the cabinet identification label located on the ceiling inside your fridge or freezer  | Find your serial number

If you need a spare part for SKOPE, Irinox or ITV product or any fridge or freezer, contact one of our national parts stockists listed below or choose a local regional supplier.