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SKOPE-connect: Connecting Fridges

SKOPE-connect can be connected to multiple fridges on multiple sites. There is no upper limit to how many fridges can be connected to one account.

The app connects via Bluetooth®. After a fridge is connected it will show in the app every time you come into Bluetooth® range (approx. 10 metres) with the fridge.

Step 1.

Stand as close to the fridge as possible. If other SKOPE-connect compatible models are nearby, consider temporarily turning them off before attempting connection.

Step 2.

Tap + at the top right of the Fridges page. This takes you to the Available Fridges menu and automatically starts scanning the area for available fridges.

Note: The scan may take a few minutes to complete. If your fridge does not appear, see Frequently Asked Questions.

Step 3.

In the Available Fridges menu, after the scan has finished, tap the fridge you want to connect to.

Note: Use the signal strength indicator to select the closest fridge.

Step 4.

On the Add Fridge screen, complete the fields to identify the fridge.

  • Serial Number:
    • Scan the fridge's serial barcode with your phone, or
    • Type the fridge's serial number into the Serial Number field
  • Fridge Name: Type your preferred name into the field
  • Model: Tap on the dropdown box and chose the correct model
  • Venue: Tap on the dropdown box and chose the correct venue

Tap Save in the top right corner.

Connect Fridge Scan Images

When the fridge has been added, it will appear on the Fridges page. You may have to wait several minutes to access the fridge while the data is being uploaded. 


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