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Why Now was the Right Time for a 5 Year Full Warranty

ActiveCore is our most advanced fridge ever. That's why we now provide a full 5 year warranty on every ActiveCore model.

Keri Thomas, General Manager – Sales and Marketing


SKOPE may be known as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial refrigeration, but it would be a lot more accurate to say we’re actually in the business of helping other businesses succeed. We primarily achieve that by designing and producing some of the most energy efficient and robust commercial fridges available, but our work doesn’t stop at the factory floor.


In fact, I’d say SKOPE has been in the business of providing peace of mind for over 50 years. We do this in many ways. We lead the market in quality and design innovation, so much so that we’ve become the informed choice of experienced food consultants and hospitality proprietors across Australia and New Zealand. When the heat arrives, we’re proud to say that you can depend on a SKOPE fridge.


But we’ve also continuously improved that dependability with each successive generation of product, a journey that has led us to today and a number of exciting developments. Firstly, we’re pleased to announce that we’re improving the price competitiveness of two of our popular series, Pegasus Upright and Backbar. Backbar X has become the dominant choice of bar fridge in the hospitality industry. These changes are to take effect from May 1.


However, more importantly, the success of the ActiveCoreTM series launched two years ago is also bearing its own fruit. ActiveCoreTM features a unique interchangeable fridge cartridge that leads the market in energy efficiency and allows for quick onsite servicing that minimises disruption to the business. It is our most advanced technology to date and has quickly become a byword for quality, reliability, durability and serviceability in the marketplace.


To celebrate the success of ActiveCoreTM and, if you will, formalise the peace of mind provided by the series, we’ve decided to provide a new 5 Year Full Warranty (parts and labour). The ActiveCoreTM 5 Year Full Warranty covers exactly what you’d think. It provides the same full cover already appreciated by customers who use our standard two year warranty, but to five years. This is five years of minimised disruption to your customers and five years of peace of mind from a more reliable fridge system that represents exceptional whole-of-life value.


Of course, this is not to say that once the five years is up you’ll be facing a new purchase. SKOPE has never operated like that and never will. We find great satisfaction every time our Genuine Spare Parts department gets an enquiry from the owner of a SKOPE fridge 20 or 30 years young. We’re actually now trying to find out who has the oldest running SKOPE fridge in Australasia.


At the end of the day a new warranty and honed pricing is about risk mitigation. We’ve been helping the hospitality industry mitigate risk for generations, and we’re getting better at it with each successive product. But when peace of mind is at a premium there’s never been a better time to put pen to paper and make it official.

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