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Jones the Grocer

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Jones the Grocer / Dubai

The Locations

Dubai International Airport

One of the world's busiest international airports, with the highest average number of passengers per flight and foot traffic of about 88 million people a year.

Also, marquee locations at:

Jones the Grocer SKOPE 5

The Client

Brand: Jones The Grocer

Concept: 24 hr/7 Days a Week Premium Convenience Retail

Jones the Grocer pioneered simplicity and fresh ingredients in a then-unconventional grocery/cafe/cheese room crossover concept when it launched in Sydney in 1996. Today it has a presence everywhere from Singapore to Cambodia, and is known for being one of the most trusted upmarket convenience food brands in the world.

The Brief

  • Exclusive open deck refrigeration that represents aesthetic synergy with a high-end shopping experience and presents convenience products in a premium light.
  • Watertight reliability and temperature consistency in challenging ambient climates.
  • Reach-in refrigeration that drives impulse sales in high foot traffic locations.

The Solution

Exclusive Jones the Grocer Custom Open Decks

The SKOPE OD1100 is a high efficiency open deck designed to drive high margin impulse sales.It has a total energy cost rating of 21.19 kWh/24h @ Climate Class 3, making it world class.

By applying the talents of the SKOPE customs team, we optimized everything from sound insulation to visual appeal to meet Jones the Grocer's unique requirements.

All models supplied use a fully stainless steel build with black interior finishes that feature side mirrors for a clean, contemporary look that's unique to Jones the Grocer.

As the open decks are used in close proximity to SKOPE VFX upright display freezers, each one was also given a custom-made VFX panel grill to create complete consistency.

Low Sign Open Decks

Jones the Grocer SKOPE 1

Custom VFX panel grills complete the look for the low sign models surrounded by interior wall cladding.

High Sign Open Decks

Jones the Grocer SKOPE 4

The custom VFX panel on the OD1100 provides a seamless look next to the customer's SKOPE VFX freezers. The OD1100 also provides high performance temperature consistency next to warm air draft areas like foot traffic entry points.

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