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Meet the next generation - ActiveCore 2

Commercial glass door fridges - we knew they could be made better. So that’s exactly what we did. ActiveCore 2 glass door merchandisers boast even greater energy savings, virtually zero global warming impact, combined with  SKOPE-connect  app-based control. Our most reliable series now comes with a Full 5 Year Warranty.

Cut Your Power Bill
Reduce Global Warming Potential
More about natural refrigerants
SKOPE-connect Puts you in Control
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Full 5 Year Warranty

Meet the next generation of cool...

ActiveCore 2 fridges are cooler, quieter, and ultra-reliable.

They use natural refrigerant innovation which makes them much more energy-efficient than previous models while being very environmentally friendly. That means you can save hundreds of dollars every year on your power bills without losing any sleep over your equipment's carbon footprint.


Work smarter, not harder

We've also partnered ActiveCore 2 with SKOPE-connect - one of the world's first commercial fridge management apps - to put you in control. SKOPE-connect simplifies HACCP compliance, helps minimise food waste and reduces downtime by identifying issues before they become a problem. SKOPE-connect comes at no extra cost with the latest generation of ActiveCore 2 models.

Peace-of-mind as standard

Plus, we’ve wrapped all that advanced refrigeration technology in a durable, attractive package backed by a Full 5 Year Warranty. ActiveCore commercial refrigerators are perfect for food service and consumer-facing areas in restaurants, cafes, clubs, pubs, bars, schools, florists, convenience stores and medical and aged care facilities.

Display and store your food, drinks and perishables with peace-of-mind that you’re being kind to your stock, your eco-footprint and your bottom line.

We’ve put 50 years’ worth of experience and refinement into ActiveCore, and the results speak for themselves.

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