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SKOPE Delivers in Click-And-Collect Market

Online sales are driving change for supermarkets and SKOPE is there to help keep everything on ice.

As one of the leading innovators in commercial refrigeration, you can expect SKOPE to be across many new developments that require a bit of cool thinking.

And the trend for online click-and-collect supermarket shopping is no exception.

Early last year SKOPE was sought out by Woolworth’s Australia to design and deliver a number of unique fridges specifically designed to keep orders safe and cold while the supermarket waits for customers to pick up their goods.

A chiller-freezer combination cabinet can currently be found in two of Australia’s largest Woolworth’s locations, while a six-door chiller-freezer-ambient fridge can be found in a third.

SKOPE project manager Steve Docherty says the fridges are part of a program that could see more than a hundred click-and-collect SKOPE cabinets appear at Woolworth’s locations across Australia each year.

“It’s a great opportunity to showcase the reliability of SKOPE technology, and a great advertisement for our capabilities considering the fact that when Woolworth’s needed a rock solid fridge for intensive use in a high traffic consumer environment, they chose SKOPE.

“The fridges will continue to be evaluated, but we have every confidence that we’re at the forefront of a new trend that’s driving demand for the kind of high quality, low risk fridges that we specialize in.”

For more information on SKOPE click-and-collect fridges contact your SKOPE Regional Sales Manager.