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Access Government Energy Rebates with our Green Door Pricing

Energy efficient refrigeration is cheaper to run and better for the environment, so the New South Wales and Victoria state governments are incentivising businesses to purchase energy efficient commercial refrigeration, with savings of up to $2,400.

The incentives can be tricky and time-consuming to access, so, SKOPE have made the process much easier with our Green Door Energy Rebates.

Simply complete the questions below, and we’ll give you pricing which includes the energy rebate you’re eligible for and free premium delivery – as well as the savings you’ll access.


Top SKOPE Models Available:

  • ActiveCore Upright Display Fridge or Freezers
  • BackBar Underbench Display Fridges
  • EziCore Upright Display or Storage Fridge
  • OpenDeck Display Fridge
  • Serene Display Fridge

See full list in FAQs below.

*Offer only available in New South Wales and Victoria, Australia. Pricing and availability subject to change. All prices quoted are exclusive of GST. Some businesses may not qualify. See FAQs below for more detail. Terms & Conditions apply.
^Free disposal of existing fridge model is within Metro areas of Sydney and Melbourne only, up to 100km from CBD. Additional charges may apply.

How to Get Your Green Door Price

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Answer the multi-choice questions above to find a fridge or freezer that fits the bill for your business


Choose your preferred participating SKOPE stockist


Enjoy massive savings on a top quality, energy efficient fridge with delivery and installation thrown in

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Powerful Savings. Delivered.

Energy efficient refrigeration is much cheaper to run and a lot better for the environment. That's why many Australian states incentivise businesses to purchase energy efficient commercial refrigeration. 

However, it can be very difficult to access these incentives. The values and eligible models available in any one region can change quickly. To make life easier, we created Green Door Pricing - a system that does all the heavy lifting for you.




Frequently Asked Questions

Eligible SKOPE Models

More information about eligible SKOPE models

Energy Efficiency Incentives

More information about how Green Door Pricing works

What are energy efficiency incentives?

Some state governments in Australia offer businesses commercial incentives for investing in energy efficient equipment. This is designed to encourage the phasing out of old, inefficient equipment that is doing more harm to the environment. Commercial refrigeration is one of many categories of equipment included in these schemes.

However, energy efficiency incentives are not easily accessed by independent businesses, nor are they offered in a consistent fashion between states. Sometimes they are also only available until the money set aside to support them has been exhausted. 

In response, we've worked with our partners to develop a system that does the heavy lifting for you. It works out which incentives are available to you now and applies them to the eligible SKOPE fridge or freezer of your choice, with free premium delivery and installation included. We've called this system Green Door Pricing.

Which businesses qualify for energy efficiency incentives?

To qualify for a state's energy efficiency incentive, your business must have premises located in that state.


What is Green Door Pricing?

Green Door Pricing sees a discounted customer buy price (“The Green Door Price”) applied to select SKOPE products along with free premium delivery and on-site installation. This is all enabled by your state's commercial incentive schemes for businesses that purchase energy efficient equipment.

Independently accessing these incentives is a long and complex process, which is why SKOPE has invested in developing an approved process that directly applies the energy efficiency incentive at the point of sale. 

How does Green Door Pricing work?

Complete the multi-choice questions above to discover if a fridge or freezer of the type you require is eligible for your state's energy efficiency incentives.

Your answers will pre-select a model and it's vital information:

  • The model name
  • The Green Door Price - the price with your state's energy efficiency incentive applied
  • The RRP - the recommended retail price, so you can compare how much money you are saving
  • The dimensions - width, height, and depth in centimetres

If you'd like to enquire about the model with your preferred participating SKOPE stockist, complete the online enquiry form. This will send your enquiry directly to your chosen retailer.

However, you don't have to follow this route. You can also independently contact or visit a participating retailer when it's convenient for you, with this information in hand.

When it comes to purchasing your fridge or freezer, your chosen retailer will ask you to complete and sign an energy efficiency incentive application form. This is required to allow us to access your state's energy efficiency incentives.

Is Green Door Pricing available everywhere?

No. Unfortunately, a Green Door Price can only be applied to an eligible SKOPE fridge or freezer in an Australian state offering applicable energy efficiency incentives. That item also has to be delivered to a business in that state, and installed on-site, to qualify for an energy efficiency incentive.

Different states offer energy efficiency incentives at different times. 

To check whether the state your business is located in is currently offering applicable energy efficiency incentives, answer the first question in the questionnaire above (Where are you located?).


Which products are eligible?

Click here to view a list of the models currently eligible.

Can I use Green Door Pricing in conjunction with another offer?

Green Door Pricing cannot be used in conjunction with any other SKOPE offer.

Free Premium Delivery

More information about delivery and installation

Which models qualify for free premium delivery?

All eligible models qualify for free premium delivery, valued at $200.

What does free premium delivery include?

  • Door-to-door delivery for your purchased SKOPE fridge or freezer
  • Disposal of existing fridge or freezer within 100km of Sydney or Melbourne CBD
  • On-site installation
  • Packaging and waste removal

What does free premium delivery exclude?

Additional costs apply for the following:

  • Delivery requiring equipment to be taken up a staircase
  • Low-clearance access (refrigeration cartridge removal)
  • Delivery beyond 100km of CBD

Can I get a Green Door Price without delivery?

No. A key requirement for accessing your state’s energy efficiency rebates is proof of delivery and installation.

We have established an approved process with our sensitive freight provider and the energy regulators to ensure we obtain the rebate.

Are you a participating SKOPE stockist? Login to the SKOPE website for more information.




*Offer only available in New South Wales and Victoria, Australia. Pricing and availability subject to change. All prices quoted are exclusive of GST. Some businesses may not qualify. See FAQs below for more detail. Terms & Conditions apply.