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ALFA NG60 A Self-Contained Ice Cube Maker

Model ID: ALFA NG60 A

ALFA ice makers produce pure, crystal clear ice cubes every time. The pyramid shape cubes cool drinks quickly and melts slowly-suitable for bars, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. ITV 's ALFA range of underbench ice makers will fit under standard height commercial kitchen benches for easy access to ice without compromising on production capacity.
Features & Benefits
  • Crystal clear ice cubes every time
  • Pyramid shaped ice cools drinks quickly and melts slowly making it perfect for bars, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs
  • Designed to fit under standard commercial benchtop
  • Compact, taking up less floor and wall space in your kitchen or bar
  • Front breathing refrigeration system allows ice maker to be built in if space is tight, allow clearance of 100mm
  • Convenient built in ice storage bin
  • R452A refrigerant - a 45% reduction in GWP (global warming potential) over previous R404A
  • Best suited to: Restaurants / Cafes, Clubs / Pubs / Bars, Quick Service Restaurants, Convenience / Petrol / Supermarkets, Food Production, Hospitality / Venues, Accommodation, Schools, Medical / Aged Care, Bakery / Pastry
  • Refrigerant / Charge: R452A
  • Electrical Power (kW): 0.65
  • Current draw (Amps): 2.70
  • Water Filter, Ice Options (ex Spain)

Product Overview

Ice Makers
ITV Ice Maker Series
Refrigeration Type
Ice Maker
Unit Type
Self Contained, Bottom
535 W x 595 D x 795 H (mm)
Temperature Range
From +10°C to 43°C (air), +10°C to 30°C (water)
Gross Volume
Floor Area


User Manual
CAD Drawings
Product Spec Sheet
Product Series Flyer
Warranty Protection
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