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NPD Moorehouse Ave, Christchurch

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NPD, South Island

SKOPE Glass Door Inserts save time and money for NPD on a variety of pivotal new South Island Locations. Off-the-shelf solutions, plus ease of installation and use make more sense on every level for this premium New Zealand convenience brand.


When it comes to realising a new convenience concept on a series of high profile new locations, every detail counts.

After all, it’s not just your customers who need to be convinced – the entire industry will be watching as well.

For that reason, NPD has developed and delivered the new premium Refresh café concept for their Moorhouse Ave, Rolleston, Queenstown and Blenheim locations. These new sites are part of NPD’s current expansion phase, bringing their total number of locations to 63, with over 20 more in development.

The results are really shaking up the industry thanks to a design which is at once warm and welcoming, but also modern and up-market.

And that design is followed through right down to the brass tacks – or, in this case, the glass door inserts refrigeration solution for the sites’ cool drinks displays.

NPD Retail Manager, Mike Luck says, "These kinds of locations are long term investments, so we’ve made sure every detail is just right,” 

 “For the refrigeration displays, we needed the contemporary, premium look of black frames and powder-coated handles, to fit the look of the Refresh concept, but we also needed it to be an optimal solution for the space and how it is used.”

Each NPD site receives at least two major deliveries of retail drinks stock every week from brands such as Frucor and Coca-Cola, plus a multitude of more frequent shipments from milk brands and energy drinks suppliers like Red Bull.

That meant the back of the fridges - the cool room space - is just as important as the front. The solution had to fit the spaces and be designed with quick, cost-efficient re-stocking in mind.

Until Mike and his team spoke to SKOPE, they were looking at the high expense and operational hassle of one-off, custom refrigeration.

“Labour and wages, and operational inefficiency, are the biggest costs on any convenience site like this. We really appreciated the fact that SKOPE could give us an off-the shelf solution that was quick and easy to manage, and fitted the space. But it was also impressive how the fridges have been designed for optimal time-efficiency, right down to the numbering on each shelf height. It’s a tiny detail, but it saves staff so much time being able to quickly and accurately re-stock and change planograms, and that affects the bottom line.”

Like every food and beverage retailer, NPD also know the value of maximizing display real estate, which made the “frameless” design of SKOPE’s glass display doors appealing.

Not only do the inserts provide clean, contemporary lines and a smart look, but the door frames themselves have been designed to block less space between the product and the customer’s line of sight.

Another advantage for NPD was that SKOPE are global but local. All of SKOPE’s solutions are driven by international market knowledge, after more than 50 years developing refrigeration solutions for tough climates in Australia and the UAE. Yet, for NPD, SKOPE was just around the corner.

“We like to support local suppliers where we can, but with SKOPE it was certainly a plus that we could visit the factory, see how the product is built and go over the options face-to-face,” Mike says.

“At the end of the day SKOPE were simply very easy to deal with.”

Ultimately, the four new Refresh locations throughout the South Island were projects years in the making. But while the refrigeration was only a small piece of the puzzle, it brought real dividends for NPD to still find a manufacturer who could help them get every detail just right.