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Chill's MISA Walk In Cool Room

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Chill, Sydney

SKOPE Provides MISA Cool Rooms for Chill, one of Australia's Leading Refrigerated Logistics Companies

As a provider of cold storage and transport solutions for some of Australia’s leading companies and brands, Chill make it part of their business to keep abreast of the latest in refrigeration technologies. Working with SKOPE, market leaders in commercial refrigeration solutions, Chill has recently installed three large industrial cold storage rooms (two chillers and one freezer) from the Italian MISA product range at their Sydney storage facility.


SKOPE is Australia’s sole distributer of MISA cool and freezer rooms, which are made using a high-density MS patented polyurethane panel system. The state-of-the-art panel system uses self-extinguishing foam, holds no moisture, is HFC and CFC free and is environmentally friendly. The use of polyurethane panels in place of polystyrene was a key influence in Chill choosing MISA. It is the company’s firm belief that the Australian market should be moving towards a faster uptake of polyurethane products, and away from polystyrene.


Watch how quick and easy MISA Cool Rooms are to assemble

When sourcing cold storage solutions, Chill looked for products that were energy efficient and whose panels would have minimal environmental impact. It was imperative that their investment was in high quality products that would stand up to the tests of time and provide simple yet smart solutions. Extensive research led Chill to have a firm belief that polyurethanes play a crucial role in preserving the natural resources of our planet. As an added advantage, durable polyurethane coatings ensure that the lifetime of many products are extended well beyond what would have been achieved without the coating.


Chill stores and transports products for businesses from a diverse range of sectors. The expanding company is popular with big brand businesses requiring logistical solutions when taking their promotional campaigns to the wider market. Quality is paramount, with a great deal of attention and focus being placed on the varying types of products being stored, handled and delivered, from pharmaceuticals to confectionery, other food products, and beer and wine.

MISA Walk In Cool Room
MISA Walk In Cool Room

The MISA cool and freezer rooms have increased capacity for Chill on a grand scale, providing around 2,500m3 storage space. The multiple combination MISA rooms can be designed and installed to suit any modular requirement and are quick to assemble. Prior to their installation, the company had limited internal capacity and relied on external partners to provide their bulk storage. Installing the cool and freezer rooms at their new warehouse in Sydney has been part of one their biggest investment decisions to date, and they are thrilled with the results and high quality facilities they can now offer their customers.


With this summer bringing the hottest days ever recorded in Sydney in January, Chill is delighted to report that the MISA rooms have lived up to expectations, with temperatures remaining stable at all times. Staff love working out of the new rooms, particularly on days when the outside temperature has been around 45 degrees Celsius.

Huge Storage Capacity Inside MISA Cool Room
Huge Storage Capacity Inside MISA Cool Room

A company that focuses on quality driven outcomes, Chill has been given added confidence when working with SKOPE, who approach projects in the same manner. The SKOPE team ensured Chills’ expectations were exceeded in terms of the choice of components and commend SKOPE for their professional approach and high levels of understanding of their individual requirements.


As Chill continue to expand their business across Australia, the company plans to work with SKOPE to install MISA solutions in their Queensland and Western Australia facilities and are partnering with SKOPE to supply and install a number of smaller, modular cool rooms. 


“SKOPE fridges have clean lines, practical design and efficient use of space. ”

Damian Heads- Executive Chef, Steel Bar and Grill

“SKOPE produce a visually pleasing and efficient range of kitchen refrigeration units.”

Damian Heads- Executive Chef, Steel Bar and Grill

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Dominique Colombie- Owner, Paneton Bakery

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Dominique Colombie- Owner, Paneton Bakery

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Dominique Colombie- Owner, Paneton Bakery

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Dominique Colombie- Owner, Paneton Bakery
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