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BC120-C, BC120-S and BC180-C - Evaporator Location Change

Product Group: Centaur Series
Content: BC120-C, BC120-S and BC180-C - Evaporator Location Change
Issue Date: 01/09/2015
Customer: General
Bulletin No: SBG0086
Revision: 1.0 (Current version of this bulletin)


For ease of servicing and to increase product area, the evaporator coil previously mounted inside the Centaur counter cabinets has now been moved to inside the refrigeration unit compartment.

Cabinets Affected

Effective from June 2015 the following three Centaur models now have the evaporator located above the condenser assembly inside the refrigeration unit compartment:

models affected

The remaining Centaur counter models are undergoing performance testing before the evaporator can be moved.


Refer to the diagrams below to see the different evaporator locations.

evap coil