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BackbarX and SKT500 - Controller Compressor Relay

Product Group: Backbar X Series
Content: BackbarX and SKT500 - Controller Compressor Relay
Issue Date: 11/04/2018
Customer: General
Bulletin No: SBG0102
Revision: 1.0 (Current version of this bulletin)


A rare occurrence has been discovered that may cause the compressor relay on the electronic controller to weld closed, causing product to freeze. If this occurs, an electronic controller replacement and wiring change is required.

The change modifies the operation of the condenser fan so that it does not power off when the compressor stops, but instead runs at the same speed (SKT500 Series) or a lower speed (BackbarX Series) which reduces wear on the relay when the compressor starts.

Kits including parts and instructions to complete the wiring change and controller replacement have been created. See further below for kit part numbers.

Models Affected

BackbarX integral chillers and SKT500 series chillers manufactured prior to April 2018.

bbx table

The cabinet model number and manufacturing date can be found on the cabinet rating label, located in the cabinet interior. The manufacturing date is included in the serial number. The first 2 numbers of the serial number show the year of manufacture (18 = 2018), and second 2 numbers show the month of manufacture (04 = April).


Order the relevant kit below to complete the wiring change and controller replacement.

bbx 2 table