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NICE Holding Cabinet Sanigen

Model ID: NICE Sanigen

NICE is an exclusive Irinox holding cabinet professionals. With compact dimensions but plenty of internal space for storing products and raw materials.
  • Standard finish is stainless steel
  • Runs at positive and negative temperatures (+15 degC/ - 15 degC) for more flexibility
  • Compact in size, but with a large storage capacity
  • The Dynamic Power System ensures the set temperature is rapidly achieved and precisely maintained
  • The Defrosting System ensures no ice formation, and therefore limiting cut-outs
  • IrinoxBalanceSystem® refrigeration maintains the set temperature constant and controls humidity
  • Sanigen system, sanitizes every part of the cabinet, including the areas that are difficult to acces
  • Refrigerant / Charge: R404A/n.a.
  • Sanigen sanitization system; Special condensing unit; Vacuum probe; Proofing
  • thawing and refrigeration cycles; Special shock freezer; Compatible with oven trolleys (ST)

Product Overviews

Blast Chillers & Shock Freezers
Irinox Series
Refrigeration Type
Holding Cabinet
Unit Type
Self Contained, Top
2060 h x 730 w x 821 d mm
Temperature Range
From -25°to +15°C
Gross Volume
Floor Area

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“We are delighted with the MISA cool room from SKOPE and have nick-named it ‘The Meadow’. ”

Jo-Ann Moss- Owner, Best Blooms

“SKOPE is a company and brand we can trust.”

Jo-Ann Moss- Owner, Best Blooms

“We highly recommend a SKOPE MISA Cool Room for the storage of flowers.”

Jo-Ann Moss- Owner, Best Blooms

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Radeeshan Munasinghe- Owner, The Happening Bar and Kitchen

“With Irinox we get a consistent, high quality result; we don't need to hire ovens; we're cutting our power bill, reducing waste and gaining higher yields.”

Lil Huckle- Food Services Manager and Executive Chef, White Tie Catering

“We worked with SKOPE to install the Irinox system as it is one of the few products that will enable our client's business to grow without expense further down the track.”

Nils Danielsen- Managing Director, Wildfire Commercial Kitchens & Bars

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