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Energy Efficiency with SKOPE

Supermarket Saves Big on Power

Sydney is a melting pot of diverse cultures with the largest number of Asian Australians of any city in the country. The Chinese population is no exception making up the city’s 4th largest ancestry (after English, Australian and Irish). It is no surprise that Asian stores like Eric Yuan’s ‘In Zone Hurstville’ abound in every suburb in the city. Eric opened the doors of his store six months ago. His supermarket specialises in food imported from China and other Asian countries including snacks, cooking sauces, rice, noodles, drinks and frozen meat and vegetables. Eric also sells fresh fruit and vegetables.


Any small business owner knows that keeping costs down is of utmost importance. So when it came time to look for appliances for his store, he knew he would need fridges and freezers to keep his stock items fresh. One of the factors he looked at in deciding which brand to go for was power consumption. Eric looked at the energy usage of the commercial fridge and freezer brands available in Australia. He found that SKOPE’s energy usage, when compared to other brands, was the most energy efficient. Eric was looking for the savings he would get on his power bill in the long-term.

SKOPE fridges and freezers use only a third of the power when compared to other brands. According to Eric, this was the main reason he purchased SKOPE. While SKOPE was expensive compared to others, it was still in the affordable range. He also knew that SKOPE had a reputation he could trust and would gladly recommend the brand to other businesses. Eric installed 4 vertical display freezers and 4 glass door display fridges.

SKOPE ActiveCore 3 Door Display Fridge (TME1500-A)
SKOPE ActiveCore 3 Door Display Fridge (TME1500-A)

SKOPE for Inspiration

“It is important that the cooler doesn't get too cold as this would freeze the flowers, causing untold damage. We love the MISA Cool Room because the digital controlling unit means stock won't ever freeze.”

Jo-Ann Moss- Owner, Best Blooms

“With Irinox we get a consistent, high quality result; we don't need to hire ovens; we're cutting our power bill, reducing waste and gaining higher yields.”

Lil Huckle- Food Services Manager and Executive Chef, White Tie Catering

“SKOPE Finance is a better deal especially because at the end of the day I’ll own my equipment and the after sales care I get at SKOPE I wouldn’t have got anywhere else.”

Radeeshan Munasinghe- Owner, The Happening Bar and Kitchen

“We're able to store over 2,500 stems of fresh red roses in our MISA Cool Room for Valentine’s Day to enable premium freshness in the hot summer heat of these highly sensitive flowers.”

Jo-Ann Moss- Owner, Best Blooms

“SKOPE Finance just makes life easier.”

Radeeshan Munasinghe- Owner, The Happening Bar and Kitchen

“We choose equipment that is high quality and from local suppliers like SKOPE, so we know they are reliable and the servicing is not going to be an issue.”

Bundit Kijpalakorn- Owner, Spice Paragon
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