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SKOPE Backbar X Series

Bar Refrigeration has Never Looked so Good

The lights are dimmed. The music is humming. The drinks are poured. And at the bar’s centre is the most elegant element of all – the Backbar X.


SKOPE has worked hard to bring the new Backbar X to the market. Our benchmark Backbar range has been refreshed, reworked and redesigned to look, and work, better than ever. Backbar X has been given new attention grabbing looks that complement any bar setting. The unit cover has a sharper, seamless louvre blade design, while the doors have been upgraded to frameless glass and are equipped with sleek easy grip handles.

SKOPE 4 Door Backbar X
SKOPE 4 Door Backbar X
Perfectly Chilled with Backbar X
Perfectly Chilled with Backbar X

However, the new BackBar X offers far more than simply cosmetic changes. Not only does it look good, the new unit provides improved energy savings. Users can expect to save up to $200 a year, as the unit consumes 24% less energy than the previous swing door models. The frameless glass doors provide energy efficient condensation protection technology, while the fan blade has been redesigned to ensure beverages are chilled quickly and easily.

Backbar X - Bar Refrigeration has Never Looked so Good

An integrated hushkit has been installed to produce significantly reduced noise for quieter operation- by 5 dB when compared to the previous model – and the industrial grade powder coat finish ensures the cabinet maintains its appearance, product durability and high performance. Combining great appearance with energy savings and cooling performance technology, the BackBar X is an easy choice for any venue. Everything in a bar is planned down to the last detail- don’t leave one of the most important elements to chance.


Backbar X is available in 2, 3, 4 swing door models. Available with tropical heated glass doors to prevent condensation, integral or remote refrigeration system, black, stainless steel and powder coated finishes. Sliding door currently not available in Backbar X. See Backbar or Counterline Series for sliding door options.

Keeping Your Drinks Chilled for more than 50 Years
Keeping Your Drinks Chilled for more than 50 Years

SKOPE for Inspiration

“We are delighted with the MISA cool room from SKOPE and have nick-named it ‘The Meadow’. ”

Jo-Ann Moss- Owner, Best Blooms

“SKOPE is a company and brand we can trust.”

Jo-Ann Moss- Owner, Best Blooms

“We highly recommend a SKOPE MISA Cool Room for the storage of flowers.”

Jo-Ann Moss- Owner, Best Blooms

“SKOPE Finance just makes life easier.”

Radeeshan Munasinghe- Owner, The Happening Bar and Kitchen

“With Irinox we get a consistent, high quality result; we don't need to hire ovens; we're cutting our power bill, reducing waste and gaining higher yields.”

Lil Huckle- Food Services Manager and Executive Chef, White Tie Catering

“We worked with SKOPE to install the Irinox system as it is one of the few products that will enable our client's business to grow without expense further down the track.”

Nils Danielsen- Managing Director, Wildfire Commercial Kitchens & Bars
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